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About Us

First and foremost AmericaFirstPatriot.org is a social network for connecting with friends, sharing your favorite things in life and enjoying the fun and exciting things that you've come to expect from your favorite social networks. Of equal importance is what separates us from the other leading social networks. We have worked hard to offer this social network platform for those who feel they can not openly share and discuss certain topics of religious, political or social nature without the fear of being banned, cancelled or censored.

Regarding our social network itself, registered users can create and customize personal profiles, connect with friends, share photos, upload videos and post events. Users can also create Pages for their businesses, and Groups for their hobbies and special interests. Also, Chat Live using our Audio and Video messenger, play your favorite games, watch your favorite movies or buy and sell merchandise from other registered patriots. If you can do it on other social networks, you can do it here.

So, what's different about our social network? We do not censor, nor do we ban people for their religious or political beliefs. We do allow thoughtful and respectful debate on topics, comments and current news.  But please be advised that we do moderate the site to ensure that people are not threatened or harrassed. Thanks to everybody for respectful of others.